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What does ADSL stand for ?
Do I have to have a phone line to get ADSL Broadband ?
With who is the ADSL contracted ?
What is the minimum contract term ?
What is a microfilter / splitter and why do I need one ?
Can I still make and receive incoming calls whilst connected ?
Do I still need to pay Telefoñica for the telephone line rental ?
I have RDSI - can I upgrade to ADSL ?
What equipment do I need to connect ?
What specification of computer is required for broadband ?
What download speeds will I get with broadband ?
Can I have a static IP address ?
Why would you need (or want) a static IP address ?
Why would you need (or want) a static IP address ?
Do you limit the amount of traffic I can use ?
Can someone come and install the modem/router ?
Can I install my own modem / router ?
Who do I pay my monthly ADSL service to ?
Can I install my own modem / router ?
Who controls my ADSL line ?
ADSL is an acronym for 'Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line'.
Yes. ADSL services can currently only be provided over standard Telefoñica analog exchange lines where the exchange has been ADSL enabled, you are not too far from the exchange and the line is of sufficient quality to support ADSL broadband
The ADSL service itself to which you contract through Gonuts4free is given by Bt-Arrakis. They are the one who will assist you for technical, billing and administrative support. Once you contracted for the ADSL line with BT-ARRAKIS then you are a customer of BT-ARRAKIS and not a customer from Gonuts4free as all administrative, billing and technical services for the ADSL are done by BT-ARRAKIS. Their technical and administrative telephone help line is the number 902020040.
The minimum contract is of 1 Year. Should you wish to cancel the service within the 1 year term, then this is possible by paying a small cancellation fee.
A micro filter is a small device that plugs into your normal telephone socket and splits the line into both a standard telephone socket and a ADSL broadband socket. You must have one micro filter connected to each telephone socket on the line the ADSL service is enabled for even if you will not connect the ADSL modem / router at that point. The micro filter must be the first device plugged into the telephone socket. Failure to have a micro filter correctly installed on every socket may result in interference (buzzing noises etc.) on your telephone and / or reduced performance and possible loss of service on your broadband access. If you have a burglar alarm that uses the telephone line it is important not to forget this needs to be connected through a micro filter We also strongly recommend that you check the correct operation of your burglar alarm after installation of a broadband service on your telephone line.
Yes. The ADSL does not block incoming or outgoing telephone calls.
Yes. The ADSL broadband service uses your normal Telefonica analogue exchange line to provide the high speed Internet access so you do still need to pay Telefoñica for the line rental and any normal calls on that line.
Yes. You will need to order a RDSI router, please ring our sales line and request.
You will require an ADSL modem or router to connect your computer / network to the ADSL enabled phone line. In addition you will require appropriate connectivity software and hardware for your computer, all items are included. You will also need to use the ADSL micro filter / splitter (supplied) on each Telefoñica phone socket or extension to stop interferences, as mentioned in previous question. The actual computer system requirements vary depending on your choice of ADSL modem or router. ADSL modems normally connect to the computer via a USB port and requires one free USB port to connect the modem. ADSL routers connect to a computer (or network) using a 10base-T (UTP) Ethernet cable (supplied). Your computer requires a network card, or one installing (supplied).
Your computer must have Windows 98 operating system or above installed, a Pentium 133Mhz processor, 32Mb RAM, 50Mb free hard disk space & CD-ROM drive. For Macintosh computers we would recommend a 'minimum' of Mac OS 8, 9 or OS X, 32Mb RAM, 50Mb free hard disk space & CD-ROM drive and A spare USB port for a USB modem connection or Ethernet port with 10BaseT connection if using an ADSL router.
Available download speeds from September are as follows: Basic 512kbps, 1mb., 2mb. or 4mb depending on which service you order.
Yes, please telephone our sales department for further details and monthly costs.
A static IP address may be required or desirable for certain business services or applications you use - these typically include: Running your own mail server (SMTP inbound). Many VPN (virtual private network) implementations require one or both sides of the VPN to have a static IP address or if you are connecting to your company network and need access through their firewall.
No. The BT DSL service is of unlimited use 24/7.
Yes that is possible. There is a basic charge of € 90.15. The technician will call you using your contact details and arrange an appropriate appointment.
Yes, The self installable Kit ADSL USB MODEM is available with an English installation manual. The Kit ADSL Router (Wireless) however may require an independent installation, depending on level of IT knowledge or experience.
Who do I pay my monthly ADSL service to ?
Your ADSL will be charged by Arrakis ( BT in Spain). Also administration and billing is handled by BT-Arrakis directly.
Who controls my ADSL line ?
Gonuts4free is only a agent of BT-Arrakis for the ADSL services. If you encounter any problems with the ADSL service, please do not hesitate to contact the BT-Arrakis support desk at the number 902020040 . Any billing or administrative issues can be directed also on that number.



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